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Change is hard but even we can change! As we contemplated the last thirty years, we recognized that we had a perfect opportunity to mark a new chapter and communicate our organization's evolving mission and values. So, we decided it was time to rebrand with a new logo and, more importantly, a new name. We knew we wanted a name that better represents what housing means to us, a name and logo that reflects the energy and passion we bring to the table while also portraying the hope and warmth of our housing communities.


With the help of Ripe Inc., we began the process of discovering our most important values, identifying the deep impact of our work, and translating all of that into a name and image that would bring this to life. The whole team was involved, including some board members, and we are proud to announce our new name and logo.

Our new name, along with the new logo, evokes the warmth, light, and hope that we bring to the community and that are associated with a home, a reminder of the important role that housing plays in people's lives. The sun is a source of energy, which is fitting for an organization that is so passionate about not only providng housing that is affordable to people with low and very low incomes but committed to helping solve the housing crisis in our city and state.​

About the logo:

The logo design draws inspiration from clay sun decorations commonly found on porches of homes in New Mexico. At the center of the sun, the friendly face symbolizes a dedication to creating not just physical structures but also nurturing environments that encourage human connection and prioritize the well-being and happiness of the people who live and work in our communities. The color palette enhances these messages with warmth, harmony, and connection. 

sun graphic with face in center

About Our Rebranding from GAHP to Sol Housing

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