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Sofia Marrufo

2022 Scholarship Winner

Sofia Marrufo of Albuquerque is currently attending New Mexico State University and is in her second year of the Master of Social Work program. A native New Mexican, Marrufo’s goals include becoming a mental health therapist and providing a therapeutic and inviting space for people experiencing homelessness to share their stories and access help through case management services. “I am also interested in working with the prison population. I have learned that many of these problems we are faced with in society are rooted in childhood abuse. I hope to address these root causes by providing therapy and case management services once I graduate.”

How will you build a better Albuquerque?
I can contribute to a better Albuquerque by applying the skills learned as a social worker to the issues that are affecting my community, thereby affecting all of us. I plan to ease the hopelessness of people who need help facing these issues, but don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed. If we can learn about the root causes negatively impacting the lives of those around us, we will better understand their plight and be more inclined to find ways to help.

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