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Mia Terrazas

2023 Scholarship Winner

Mia Terrazas is originally from Tierra Amarilla, NM and is a student at CNM studying to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. To further her academic goals, Mia volunteered at Lovelace Hospital in the CT and Ultrasound departments. She also finds time to volunteer her time a few weekends a year in her hometown, helping to clean up trash from the roads. “I love doing this because it brings all my family and friends together to accomplish a good deed.”

How will you build a better Albuquerque?
Ever since I was a little girl, I became passionate about helping others. It always gave me a sense of accomplishment and peace. I feel that if a person is passionate about something, they will do their very best to try and achieve it. My continued interest in the medical field began after witnessing my father and grandmother undergo many medical tests because of their poor health. Now, my father is in better health because of all those doctors and medical staff helping him to reach a solution to his pain and suffering. I see my education contributing to building a better Albuquerque because the more people get help mentally and physically, the better our neighborhoods become and the healthier they get. This degree will help me help the community by trying to figure out a diagnosis and treatment for people going through terrible illnesses. By doing this I will contribute to making a healthier community.

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