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Crystal Davis Sparks

2022 Scholarship Winner

Crystal Davis Sparks lives in Albuquerque at one of GAHP’s apartment communities. Ms. Sparks will be attending the University of Oklahoma working towards a Master of Legal Studies in Indigenous People’s Law. The program is designed by the OU Law faculty for non-lawyers whose careers demand an understanding of the complex rules of Federal Indian Law. Her goal is to better serve a severely underserved community in New Mexico. Upon completion, she hopes to assist the Native community navigate the complex legal system. “I have long been an advocate of those in need,” explains Sparks, “[this program] will allow me to advocate for Native families.”

How will you build a better Albuquerque?
I will be able to assist many in proven need, possibly in connection with the many helpful services already in place and other local needs-based legal assistance organizations. This is a very important and, sadly, common concern to our Indigenous community. We are a terribly underserved but vital part of this memorable Southwest.

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