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The Future of Urban Mobility: Electric Vehicle Car Sharing Program Launches at PAH! Hiland Plaza

Updated: Mar 15

It's electric! Electric cars that is!

On February 22nd, Sol Housing, in partnership with Forth, the City of Albuquerque Sustainability Office, and PNM launched the Affordable Mobility Platform (AMP), a nationwide community carsharing program providing electric vehicles to affordable housing locations. PAH! Hiland Plaza, a Sol Housing affordable housing community designed for the Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing communities, was selected as the host site for this exciting program, the first electric vehicle (EV) carsharing program in the southwest region.


AMP aims to provide access to electric vehicles particularly for those in affordable housing to reduce barriers to transportation options. “We’re trying to electrify transportation at Forth,” shares Stefenie Griggs, Forth program manager, “a big part of this program is to increase that access to EV cars so that everyone might be able to afford that experience. We have really affordable rates compared to other car sharing programs that exist in the market, especially electric. That’s why we’re here today, we’re trying to electrify the way people move in a way that’s equitable and affordable.”


It's a huge deal! These vehicles provide flexibility and autonomy in transportation for all Albuquerque residents.
Several people looking at engine of car that his its hood up
Mayor Keller and PAH! residents check out the new vehicles

PAH! residents eagerly awaited the arrival of the vehicles and the ability to take advantage of this alternative to public transportation and traditional rideshare services. Miriam Hicks, director of housing development explains, “It’s a huge deal! These vehicles provide flexibility and autonomy in transportation for all Albuquerque residents and is a big step in the right direction for equity, accessible mobility, and environmental sustainability. During this housing crisis, the option to maintain mobility while reducing household expenses by no longer owning and maintaining a personal vehicle gives families another way to cope with the ongoing rise in the cost of living and supports their ability to maintain stable housing.”


EV carsharing can improve lives and housing stability.
man standing by open door of a car giving thumbs up sign
PAH! resident gives EVs a thumbs up!

Sol Housing is incredibly proud to have PAH! as the host site for the EV car share program. The program provides a highly affordable transportation option not only to PAH! residents but to anyone in Albuquerque who can’t afford to own and maintain their own vehicles. “We look forward to all the positive impact these cars will make and hope they inspire joyous family outings to access other resources, open spaces and activities around New Mexico in addition to running regular errands,” states Hicks. “We hope using these cars will spark further curiosity in EV and sustainable technology while improving lives and housing stability in our community.”


The program provided two electric vehicle charging stations for resident use and two electric vehicles that are available for residents, staff, and community members to rent located outside the PAH! parking area on Silver Avenue and Jackson Streets. A car will cost $5 per hour to rent, and $50 for a day but your first ride is free! Insurance is included in the rates.


What drivers need to know:

Drivers must be 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have a clean driving record. To get started, drivers must first download the MDO Carshare app from the App Store or Google Play or scan the QR code. You will register for an account, add your driver’s license and payment information, and get approved. It may take a few days for all your information to get verified so sign up prior to needing a vehicle. For additional help you can email visit or call 503-850-0007.

Sol Housing is committed to clean air and energy efficiency. Find out more at

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