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Spotlight on Chad LeBlanc

Chad sporting PAH! colors at preleasing.

Chad LeBlanc is a DeafBlind person, originally from a small city in southern Louisiana. Nearly ten years ago, he moved to Albuquerque and immediately rooted himself in the local Deaf community. He began working with the Deaf Culture Center of New Mexico (DCCNM) as a Focus Group committee member and as their event coordinator setting up events and parties. Chad was elected President of DCCNM and has served in that capacity for the last 5 years. He has worked very closely with the Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership for the last 3 years to help DCCNM realize its longtime dream of building an apartment commuity building designed by and for the Deaf community.

Prior to his work at the DCC, Chad worked in the food service industry as a chef and kitchen manager while attending college full time for a degree in business management. In November of 2022 he began working for Monarch Properties, Inc. as a leasing agent for PAH! Hiland Plaza. Monarch provides property management at all of GAHP's housing communities including PAH! Hiland Plaza. He was recently promoted to Assistant Manager at PAH.

3 people in hardhats at construction site
Chad (far right) with Bobby Moore and Lisa McNiven at PAH! Groundbreaking

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